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Market Me conceptualised the Jamaica Moves programme for the Ministry of Health as a medium to address the growing problem of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, heart attack and cancer in the Jamaican population. The campaign was built from an idea of what the programme would encompass (the various legs to reach the population and how it could be most impactful) and from that we developed an identity fror the campaign. 

Our approach was to treat Jamaica Moves as a brand of its own with it own brand guidelines - the logo, the colours, the imagery and the colours. The project was a full 360 to include branding, av production, marketing strategy, public relations, social media and event management. The programme is still ongoing and Market Me has created television ads, newspaper ads, online ads and marketing collateral, executed 8 parish events and created and executed multiple sub-campaigns to support the programme such as Jamaica Moves Corporate Challenge, Jamaica Moves Get Moving Challenge and Living With an NCD video series.